Father’s Gift

World is full of places you have never visited, people you have never seen, things you might not have dream of. But somehow we remain content with what we have and small things that we want. Its not a crime to not know the world but at the same time to not realize it is a matter of concern. I was exposed to this wide world I speak of by my father.DSC01329

My father served Indian Army for 28 long years without ever questioning about his existence and ever being worried about his career. Like his father, he was only concerned about what he did and what he did was never a matter of livelihood for him. It was matter of pride and honor. I have always known this but somehow I was more prone to the worlds concern about one’s existence.

I did question my existence and that changed everything for me. It created confusion and I started searching for contentment. My search landed me into a mode of retrospection and revisiting my life. Quite often people called it pessimism but I was pretty sure that answers to most questions one holds in his mind are always there in his or her past.

The only sure way to hold your memories or past is to share them with people and write them where people can find them.